Anita and Anna presented a draft of their new writing Back to Anna at Pentameters Theatre London and are stepping into the next research & development stage.



ANNA/ AKSINYA/ WOMAN - Sanda Bourenane

LEO/ LEVIN - Will Bishop

SOFIA/ KITTY/ DOLLY - Anita Brokmeier


Written by Anita Brokmeier and Anna Clart


Directed by Anna Clart




Leo Tolstoy is dissecting the world around him to gain material for his novel Anna Karenina, and he’s writing himself and his wife Sofia into the story. But Sofia, tasked with copying his endless drafts, has some objections to the alternate reality he’s creating and the roles her alter egos are forced to play. And as she fights for agency in her husband’s paper-puppet world and happiness for her family, Leo begins to question the point of literature itself. Husband and wife race towards tragedy as they seek refuge in the world of fiction. Meanwhile, Anna is watching them, waiting for her train.