Stolz + Vorurteil 

DARCY: I believe that every disposition has a tendency towards some particular evil.

LIZZY: And yours is to hate everybody.

DARCY: And yours to willfully misunderstand them.


Talking as riddling. Dancing as politics. Marriage as financial planning. That’s the world of Pride and Prejudice – where necessity holds sway over emotion and every social misstep can lead to catastrophe. In such a world, how can one communicate honestly, build real connections, pursue happiness – or find oneself?

Based on the novel by Jane Austen


Text + Directing

Anita Brokmeier und Anna Clart






Daria Bak, Nicole Draszow, Stefanie Feldman, Helena Klaus, David Lison, Niklas Luft, Armin Moallem, Jasmina Mosorovic, Lydia Radosavljevic, Fabrice Riese, Michael R. Scholze, Martina Seidel, Marta Sroka, Mandy Speda


Funded and supported by

Fonds Soziokultur e.V., Atrium Berlin, JFH Wannsee, Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt, Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf



10 + 11 September 2016 - Theater Strahl

16 + 17 September 2016 - Atrium Berlin

18 September 2016 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte