Saturday, 20 March 2021, 4:00 pm



Pushkin House

5a Bloomsbury Square

London WC1A 2TA



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ANNA/AKSINYA/WOMAN - Sanda Bourenane

LEO/LEVIN - Will Bishop

SOFIA/KITTY/DOLLY - Anita Brokmeier

Written by Anita Brokmeier and Anna Clart

Directed by Anna Clart

Choreographed by Zak Nemorin 



Leo Tolstoy is composing his masterpiece Anna Karenina by dissecting the women around him, particularly his wife Sofia. But she has some objections to the roles her alter egos are forced to play. And as husband and wife leap between paper-puppet world and reality, Anna is watching them, waiting for her train.


Back to Anna is a crisp, multi-rolling play about the forgotten female voices and lived experiences Leo Tolstoy co-opted to write Anna Karenina. It explores authorship as power and writing as negotiation, merging sharp text with vibrant movement. By interweaving two narrative strands – one inspired by fiction, one by the Tolstoy couple’s private diaries and letters – Anna Karenina becomes a prism to examine the Tolstoys’ lives.



After an extensive research & development period, we tested a draft of Back to Anna at a staged reading at Pentameters Theatre London in February 2020. The script was long-listed for the Radius Playwriting Award in May 2020.

We're now excited to present a work-in-progress sharing of the first act at the Pushkin House London, followed by a Q&A.


The project is being generously supported by the Carne Trust.